Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре

melanie Hoehne

thanks for an amazing experience !

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Thank you Masha very much for the amazing photos! They are very beautiful! You’re a talent! We will remember this day for the rest of our lives! I wish you happiness, love and good luck!

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Maria is the best photographer!!! We really enjoyed the filming process.

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Great photos! Maria thank you for your professionalism and for the memories…

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре


Working with Maria was pleasant and easy, despite the rush and heat. The wedding photos turned out wonderful, lively and tender. Montenegro fell in love even more after viewing the photo :) Maria, we strongly recommend you to our friends!

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре

Olga Tsirikidze


Our work with Maria was completely spontaneous. Her accidental (for us) arrival in Montenegro, her desire to “catch” the local flavor, ease in working together. It wasn’t like all my shootings. It was a day alone with a young man, a day free from fuss. Maria made this walk sweet and romantic, no posing, we laughed and rejoiced all the time. Maria, we offer our gratitude for a wonderful day and wonderful photos that will always remind you of this. I am always waiting for you in Montenegro and hope to work together on organizing events here in Montenegro!

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре

Marletha Hardy

Dear Maria, thank you for the great experience we could have with you and the beautiful pictures. It was so easy to to work with you form the initial contact all the way through. I wish you all success

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Thank you for the photo shoot, it was very cool and professional)

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре


  Maria, thank you so much!!! We are so grateful to you and Anna for today! How I was worried in the morning because of the rain, because of stiffness in front of the camera and many other little things… And how did this day end) as it passed in general) all the places where we were, this is a mini tour. You immersed us in the atmosphere, gave us emotions, helped with everything and in everything! … Anna is a wonderful person. We express our great gratitude to her! Thank you for the ceremony and sincerity! This is exactly what we wanted. No pretense, live speech not read from a leaf, sand ceremony)… You are beautiful! You, and Anna. Your work is a pleasure! Special thanks for dinner! I liked absolutely everything! And the food, and the place, an open view of the sea, tranquility and comfort. I liked the wine so much that they took bottles of both! Very satisfied, we left for the hotel! Thank you for everything! Thank you very much, Maria! And the same thanks to Anna!

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



We met Maria on the advice of our mutual friend and were very happy about it, the photo shoot was easy and relaxed! Masha is a pleasant and positive person with a great imagination for different interesting angles and moments! Special thanks for the wedding arch, it turned out to be unrealistically stylish and cool! The time of the photo shoot just flew by unnoticed and fun)) in general, thank you very much for your work and efforts, everything turned out to be on top!!)

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



It was the most unusual and fun photo shoot in my life) The landscapes in the pouring rain are beautiful)) The beaches of Tulum are magnificent! Maria is a professional! Thanks to her, we will remember Mexico like this — albeit wet, but beautiful and juicy!

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



We ordered a wedding photo shoot from Maria in Mexico. We were satisfied with the result. Very beautiful photos. Thank you.

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Maria is very open and friendly! It was so easy to communicate and the photo session was very fun and easy. I love the photos, her style and colors! She has amazing ideas and see people very deeply opening best sides of them! Thank you so much! We are so happy we met.
Best photographer!

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Many thanks to Maria! The wedding photo shoot was very intense and bright! We absolutely do not know how to pose, but under the strict guidance of Maria we succeeded)) the photos are simply magical! We were very satisfied! Thank you for the indescribable emotions and a great day!))

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре

Bashayer Alhashimi

Really loved the pictures of our honeymoon photo shoot in Zanzibar. The pictures are amazing loved them all. Thanks you for your time, thoughtfulness and the great photos.




I really liked the photo shoot with Maria. Masha helped all the participants (including the child) to take a winning pose, suggested what to do to look beautiful in the frame. The photos turned out to be dynamic, bright and filled with sincere emotions! Organizationally, everything was clear and on time. Thank you very much! Only the best recommendations!

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



I am very glad to meet Maria. We were lucky and in beautiful Cappadocia we managed to capture unforgettable moments. Maria is a professional and just a good person to spend time with! The photos turned out amazing! See you in new countries ❤️

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



I got a lot of pleasure and a charge of cool energy working with Maria! I didn’t really know what I wanted to get in the end, I was afraid to be photographed. But thanks to Maria’s very subtle flair and excellent communication, everything went in one breath, and the photos really exceeded my expectations. Masha, thank you very much! I hope to work with you again!))

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Thank you Masha for our gorgeous photos!!! It was a great day! I’m thrilled!!! I really appreciate photographers not only for their photos, but also for their approach! It was easy to work with Masha, she gave the right tips and ideas poured in one by one)) And most importantly, a person with a good sense of humor!!! The result exceeded expectations

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



It’s not so easy to find a good, and even a Russian-speaking photographer in Sri, but we did it) Maria is a person who exchanged noisy Moscow for a quiet life in Abkhazia, traveled to many countries, and we were very lucky that her arrival in Sri coincided with our vacation A person who knows how to find an approach to people, cheer up In general, it was a sunny, bright and fun photo shoot!))

Отзывы. Фотограф на Кипре



Thanks a lot to Masha for decorating our honeymoon in Sri Lanka! Masha is a professional in her field and a person with a great sense of humor! The photos that have already been obtained have exceeded expectations by 200%, we are looking forward to the remaining ones. I wish everyone to meet more people like her on their way!